M.D. on Call is a unique medical practice that provides unparalleled medical care that is highly personal, private and high-touch. Our physicians focus their attention and thought on a very small number of patients, helping them whenever and wherever they need us.

M.D. on Call is a collaborative partner and advocate--an expert at your side with unrivaled medical experience, highly specialized emergency medicine training, a comprehensive view of wellness, and a focus on patients as people.  M.D. on Call is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an exclusive and highly personalized healthcare experience. 

Founded in 1998, M.D. on Call is the brainchild of Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Ellen Frauenthal. Modernizing the old-fashioned house call, she created this relationship-based mobile medical practice to meet the needs of Atlanta's top business leaders and executives and their families at a time when the U.S. healthcare system was deteriorating. At the forefront of what is now called concierge medicine, M.D. on Call has matured over the years, providing exceptional care to our members across the globe and adapting to the needs of our clients in today’s constantly evolving healthcare landscape.